How Do I Book a Taster Session?

Taster sessions can be booked by calling 01484 717428 or emailing

A taster in a Recreational Session lasts 1.5 hours and costs £10. 

A taster in a Mini U’s session lasts 1 hour and costs £7.

A taster in a Little U’s session lasts 45 minutes and costs £7. 

This is payable by card at reception on arrival – all major credit/debit cards are accepted. 

What is the Pricing Structure?

Our Standard Club Membership is £50 annually, payable for any child 5 or over upon registration. As a thank you this reduces by £10 annually until in the 6th year there is no membership fee.

Mini U’s Club Membership is £25 annually. This will then revert to the Standard Club Membership when your child turns 5.

This club membership covers new equipment, staff training, staff development and all the things that are making you want to register your child at Utopia.

As a British Gymnastics affiliate all our gymnasts need to be British Gymnastics members by their second session. This provides you with insurance for any injuries and also discounts on many of their events. For a recreational gymnast this is £19 a year and for a pre-school gymnast this is £13.

Utopia Recreational Sessions are then charged at £44 per calendar month for recreational gymnasts, £31 per calendar month for Mini U’s and Independent Little U’s and £24 per month for Assisted Little U’s.

How Do I Register?

All our registrations are completed online via our partner LoveAdmin (formerly PaySubsOnline).

To register your child on a session please click here and complete the form. 

This is then sent through to ourselves and your details are stored electronically. 

Drop Off and Collection

The internal Utopia door has a buzzer which will need to be opened by reception.

Please ensure you bring your child in to the building and through the internal door rather than dropping off in the car park. 

Once you are in the building a register will be taken and you will hand duty of care to a coach who will guide your child through to the changing rooms and into the gym. They will not be able to come back to the reception area once registered.  

If your child is under 5 please wait in the cafe upstairs and do not leave Utopia just in case they need you. Children over 5 can be left at your own discretion.

At the end of the session your child will come to the changing rooms and depending on their age will either collect their outer clothing and come to you or put their clothes on and come to you. To avoid congestion in the reception area please wait upstairs in the cafe for your child to come to you. 

Anyone under the age of 18 is classed as a child and must be collected from inside the building. We can not send children out to the car park for waiting parents.

Can I Stay & Watch?

Of course!

We want Utopia to be welcoming to parents and children alike. We have CCTV streaming in our cafe so you can see your child in their class whilst enjoying a hot drink and snack. 

Whilst you can see them, they can’t see you and so should you want to leave a child over 5 then you are also welcome to do this. 

Can I Film My Child?


Please don’t film your child whilst in Utopia either in the gym or via the screens. 

Can Personal Belongings be Taken into the Gym?


Anything of value should be given to the parents and not left with the gymnast. This includes all money, mobile phones and anything else of value.

Can I Catch Up a Missed Session?

We do not offer catch up sessions. 

Payment is made for space not for attendance and therefore if you miss your session we can not offer an alternative for insurance reasons and coach to gymnast ratios. 

How Do I Know if My Child Is Progressing?

Within each Recreational session children are grouped according to their ability and labelled according to a colour scheme. This grouping is reviewed every 3 months to ensure we are challenging our gymnasts sufficiently. Recreational gymnasts will also receive a progression report bi-annually outlining what they have been working on, what they have achieve and what they need to be working on in order to progress. 

All Utopia gymnasts work towards British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards ranging from 8 – 1 and Bronze, Silver and Gold. These are assessed every 6 weeks although the children may not achieve a certificate this often as some areas are harder to achieve than others. 

Pre-school Gymnasts at Utopia work towards FUNdamental certificates which follow a theme and are awarded half termly in line with Kirklees school holidays.

If you wish to chat to your gymnast’s coach in more detail then please email reception who will arrange a mutually convenient appointment. 

What Should My Child Wear?

For a taster session leggings/tracksuit bottoms/shorts and a t-shirt are suitable attire. 

For regular recreational attendance a Utopia leotard is compulsory uniform for girls and Shorts and T-Shirt for boys. These can be purchased at reception. 

All long hair must be tied back. 

All jewellery must be removed. 

When is Utopia Closed?

As a business we reserve the right to cancel up to 8% of sessions per annum. 

Scheduled Closures:


Christmas Day – Closed

Boxing Day – Closed

New Year’s Day – Closed

How Do I Report A Welfare Issue?

Our Welfare Officer is Olivia Hargreaves. 

Her telephone number is 07788 292178

Her email address is

Do You Offer Holiday Clubs?


Camp Utopia runs Holiday Camps in every Kirklees school holiday. 

 For more information on Camps please visit our dedicated page CAMP UTOPIA