Meet Team Utopia

Head Coach and Director, Kirstie Limbert is a Club Gymnastics Judge and a Senior Level 4 coach

Kirstie was the Yorkshire Senior Champion in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and has always had the dream to own her own gymnastics club taking gymnasts as far as their dreams will take them.

Kirstie wants every one who comes to Utopia to find their own utopia. Whether that be to have fun, to make friends or to fulfil their own Olympic Gymnast dreams Utopia is the place for your gymnast.

Kirstie offers Private Sessions to members and non-members which are popular with the dance and cheerleading community as well as gymnasts.

Outside of work Kirstie loves to travel and spend quality time with her husband. After the hectic life at Utopia, Kirstie loves to relax with a workout and then chill with a facial and spa. If stranded on a desert island Kirstie would be lost without her bottle of water.


Gemma is a level 3 coach and here at Utopia she is our Squad Manager and Head of Pre-School.

Gemma coaches Little U’s classes at  09:30 and 10:15 Monday and Wednesday. 

As Squad Coach, Gemma trains the Utopia Squad every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, one member of which is part of the Yorkshire Development Squad.

Gemma also has her Mini Squad members on a Wednesday evening. 

Outside of work Gemma is mum to 3 successful girls. When she’s not working Gemma can be found cheering on her well-travelled diver, at the theatre for her middle daughter who’s an actress or supporting her youngest daughter’s gymnastics training. In and among all this she finds the time to walk her chihuahua along the canal, play board games and is known to watch the occasional scary film.

Gemma’s desert island is her husband Tim …but don’t all say Awwww … this is only as he’s useful due to his culinary skills and the fact that he can build. 



As our Head of Recreational Gymnastics, Danielle is a Level 3 General Gymnastics, Level 2 Women’s Artistic, qualified Preschool coach and Floor and Vault Judge and generally has experience in all areas of gymnastics.

She is Utopia’s link to schools as she runs our school sessions as well as coaching Recreational Gymnastics in Utopia Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Danielle is with Little U’s on a Friday morning.

Danielle is also in charge of running both our Floor & Vault Squad and Display Squad as well as being the organiser for many fun events in our calendar.

Camp Utopia is also Danielle’s area and she always makes sure all participants have fun.

She has a love of Fish and Chips (so long as they are gluten free) and her Toy Poodle Louie. Louie would be Danielle’s desert island companion – if you want to get on her good side buy him a new tie!


Stephanie Shipley

Stephanie is a Level Two Women’s Artistic and qualified Preschool Coach as well as being a qualified Floor and Vault Judge.

She’s a mum of three and was a Yorkshire National Competing gymnast for many years and even beat Beth Tweddle in her day!

Stephanie teaches Little U’s on a Monday, Mini U’s on a Saturday and Recreational Gymnastics on a Saturday and Sunday.

Stephanie is also coach for development squad and works with the girls twice a week.

Outside of work Stephanie likes to spend time with her family, especially her elderly Granddad. Stephanie’s desert island item would be a bar of Dairy Milk.


Lynne Taylor

Lynne is a Level 1 Women’s Artistic Coach.

She’s mum of 2 boys and has recently rediscovered a passion for gymnastics which brought her to Utopia. 

Lynne works in Little U’s, Mini U’s and in Recreational – when she’s not working she likes to laugh at her pet turtle and baby tortoise. Lynne is also a scout leader and loves her ski’ing trips. 

Stranded on a desert island Lynne would want a fire so she could cook and keep herself warm on the cold nights. 

Molly Pollard

Molly is a Level 1 General Coach and is Pre-School Qualified. 

We draw on Molly’s expertise as a qualified PT for the conditioning sections in our session to keep the gymnasts strong.

Molly trained as a gymnast from age 2 to 14 and as a dancer from age 2 – 17.  Molly is also a qualified choreographer, she loves all things dance, fitness and generally throwing herself around – watch out for her somersaults into the pit! Molly is a dynamic young coach who brings lots of energy to Little U’s, Mini U’s and Recreational sessions!

Left on a desert island Molly would be lost without her ice pops …



Benn Stoker

Benn is a Level 1 General Gymnastics Coach

Benn helps out at Utopia as a Parent Volunteer after Stephanie convinced him to reignite his passion for gymnastics when he attended a parent in the gym session with his daughter. Benn’s real job is as director of Project Breakout Escape Rooms in Brighouse. 

Benn works in Recreational on a Wednesday and a Saturday and coaches the Boys Floor & Vault Squad. 

Stranded on a desert island Benn would be lost without gravy granules – everything tastes better with gravy on it! 


 Matthew Walker

Matthew is a Level 2 Trampolining Coach working towards level 3.

Matthew has 2 children and loves coming to Utopia camps to teach our gymnasts different  slants with his freestyle background.


Claire Summerscales

Claire is Utopia’s Accounts Manager.

She likes the fact that her role is so varied and enables her to get involved in different aspects of the club.

Claire loves to spend time with her family, especially her husband and two children, who keep her very busy! She enjoys eating out but says she is just as happy at home with a takeaway and a good film!


Belinda Kelly

Belinda is Utopia’s Receptionist. 

Belinda is a mum of 2 with lots of experience in admin and reception work. 

When she’s not at Utopia she likes to spend time with family and friends, eat Chinese food and watch Netflix. 

Stranded on a desert island Belinda would have her Ragdoll cats!