Little U's

Mini U's

What stage is your pre-schooler at?

Parent & Toddler Open Play

(Supporting head to 4 years)

Our open play sessions are aimed at children under 4 who can move and explore to use the gymanstic equipment as they wish.

A coach is in the gym with you and your child but the session is completely led by where your child wants to explore.

Our open play sessions run all year round (apart from standard Christmas & New Year gym closures).

Session tmes are as follows:

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

11:00 – 12:00

In the School Holidays we extend a warm welcome to children aged 12 and under.

Open play at Utopia is pay-as-you-go and costs just £5 for a session – no pre-booking necessary just pop down on the day.


Little U's

Is your toddler ready for taking direction in the gym?

With assistance can they follow the guidance of one of our fully qualified pre-school coaches?

Can you help them to improve their independence and progress through our Little U’s Programme?


Mini U's

As your child grows so do we.

Our Mini U’s class is for gymnasts aged 4 – 5 who are ready for a little more than our Little U’s classes.

Mini U’s will be soon starting school or be in Reception and ready for taking their gymnastics to the next level.